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Who is behind Faeted Creations?

Nicole is the artist behind Faeted Creations. She is a one woman creator located in NW Ohio who loves all things design, photography, and crafting. Often times her rather crafty mother will join in on designing pieces as she also has an affinity for art and many artistic skills along with a background in floral design and wire work.

What inspires us? 

We love all things fantasy.. and all things spooky.. and we want to make you look and feel like a badass. Or a fairy. Or whatever your goal is!

Why the name Faeted Creations? Is Fated misspelled?

Faeted Creations comes from the combination of "Fae" and "Fated". The word “fairy” originates from the French word “faerie”, a spelling which is still used often by those who have an interest in fairies & fantasy. Fairies are often referred to as "the Fae". Faeted Creations allows us to show our audience what we identify with and hopefully let's others who have an affinity for the fae to automatically associate Faeted Creations with fantasy & ethereal whimsy. We chose the word "Fated" (as in Fate) because fantasy often has a theme of fate/destiny. We also feel that Nicole, as an artist, was destined to always be a creator and follow her passion for art and design.

We use the word "Creations" because all of our pieces are hand-crafted and one of a kind. We create a multitude of mediums including but not limited to headpieces, wreaths, and art prints. Therefore we opted to choose a name that does not limit us or lock us into only offering one type of product.


My item is fragile, how do I keep it in good condition?

Many of our pieces are fragile. We suggest storing your piece in a temperature controlled area where it will not be affected by extreme sun exposure, animals, pets, or pests. Make sure it is secured and not likely to fall over or be dropped. Extreme heat or sun exposure could cause an item to fade or even melt some glues used. We are careful to use wiring, UV resin, & E6000 on heavier pieces for longer term hold and tougher wear but many of our products do include some use of hot glue in some areas, which can easily be affected by heat. 

If wearing a product (headpiece/crown) be sure it is properly secured. Some pieces pay require hair pins to hold in place for safety and security. If cleaning any crowns or wreaths please use caution to wipe with a wet rag and do not use chemicals, detergents, or soaps.

Faeted Creations warns against improper storage & against heat on items. We are not liable for misuse or poor care ending in damaged products. Please be wary of your fragile items and use extreme care.


Do you accept Returns or Cancellations?

We do not accept returns or cancellations unless there is a proven error on our part, if so, please contact us about replacing or refunding your order. If you commission a custom piece from us and wish to cancel this piece your deposit/retainer must be forfeited and will not be refunded but you will not be required to pay the remaining balance. The retainer paid for the custom order goes towards materials and time spent customizing, sketching, and creating. If you cancel a custom piece that has started production it may end up for sale in our shop.
- If you need to cancel an order made by mistake please reach out to cancel within 24 hours of purchase, cancellations are only available on crowns & wreaths as prints are made through a 3rd party app.
If a product arrives damaged or broken: The buyer will need to file a claim with the company that delivered the item. 

If you accidentally purchased an item: The buyer will need to reach out within 24 hours of purchase for a cancellation and refund of order. Please give us time to process your cancellation and refund. 

How long will my items take to get to me?

Processing time varies but we typically ship 1-2 times a week depending on order volume. Shipping varies depending on which shipping you purchase and there may be shipping delays due to current events or holidays. Once an item is shipped a tracking number will be provided to you. It should have an estimated arrival time, though if you have questions or concerns please contact the shipping carrier. If it does not arrive after several weeks please file a claim with the shipping carrier and let us know. We are not liable for any delays or damages caused by the carrier whom is shipping your order.

For custom orders, time frames will be discussed. Commissions may take at least 3-4 weeks for headpieces & crowns, longer for large orders. Wreaths may take at least 1-3 weeks depending on order. Commissions will not begin until retainer / deposit is paid.

My item arrived broken or damaged, what do I do?

Take several very clear photos and videos of the broken or damaged item(s). We take extreme care in packaging our work as we know many of our pieces are fragile. If it was broken or damaged during shipping you will need to contact the shipping carrier and file a claim. Typically I ship through USPS.

USPS (United States Postal Service) Claims

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If you have a custom request or are interested in large custom orders for things such as events (bridal parties, themed parties, birthdays, ren-faire troupes, group shoots, etc), brick & mortar stores, please email us with details (please include amount needed, deadline, special requests) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you'd like to commission a custom order for a wreath, headpiece/crown, or print, please reach out on our contact form. We do take commissions but limit how many we can take on at a time. A deposit / retainer must be paid before work can begin. We will need time to work on this commission and need to know in advance if you have a deadline for the piece.


Creator looking to collab?

Occasionally Faeted Creations has the opportunity to collaborate with other creators or events. If you'd like to collaborate please reach out to us through our contact page or by emailing faetedcreations@gmail.com. We do not guarantee that we will have availability for collaborations. Collaborations should be valuable to all parties involved and include a contract to lay out collaboration expectations.

Have an event space I should vend at? 

I try to stay close to home and vend for events in the NW Ohio area but may be intrigued to vend in the tri-state area for special events. If you have an event you'd like me to attend please reach out with details and information.

Want to host a group event together?

Wish you had a group activity or class for your bridal party, birthday, or other event? Reach out to find out if we can set up a wreath making class.

Photographer / Styled Shoot Host / Etc.? I am open to collaborating on styled shoots, photography retreats, and other content based events. Please reach out to faetedcreations@gmail.com - Keep in mind I am located in NW Ohio and may require travel expenses for distanced getaways.

Upcoming Event: Spring Faeted Fantasy Styled Shoot

Faeted Fantasy Styled Group Photoshoot Moodboard for Photographers Tickets Spring 2023 Floral Fantasy
Faeted Fantasy Styled Group Photoshoot Moodboard for Photographers Tickets Spring 2023 Floral Fantasy
Faeted Fantasy Styled Group Photoshoot Moodboard for Photographers Tickets Spring 2023 Floral Fantasy

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