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Medusa Spiked Snake Halo Crown

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Spiked, Dark, & Moody. This spiked snake crown is fit for any edgy look but especially a Medusa or Gorgon look. The spikes and snakes are painted black with a gold ombre at all the edges. The tips of the spikes on this halo crown have a snake-scale like pattern up close as an added detail. The snakes climb & hang while the spikes give a strong, bold look to round out this crown and make a statement.

The snakes are wired and glued into place as to make sure the crown itself is structurally sound, the spikes are held with glue. This piece is detailed down to the ombre paint job and speaks to all spooky snake-loving goddesses.

This piece is a total of 20 inches in height including the hanging snakes, the spikes reach a height of 12 inches tall from the band, and it is 17.5 inches wide.